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Am I Going Down? 

Am I Going Down? is an iPhone app designed to reassure and empower those with a fear of flying.

What are the odds of my plane crashing?

Using real flight data, the app perfectly demonstrates the unlikelihood of your flight going down.

Am I Going Down?


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Fear of Flying? What are the odds of my plane crashing?

Crashes may make the headlines, but they’re incredibly rare, and when they do happen, seldom lead to injury. With those facts, there’s no need for nervous flyers to fall back on anything but the statistics. So how safe is your next flight?

Enter your planned journey, and let us calculate the odds that demonstrate the safety of modern commercial air travel.

10 million routes can be assessed using actual data from sources such as the Geneva-based Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives, the United States National Transportation Safety Board and the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization.


Am I Going Down? Media Coverage

New York Times

"I could fly this route once a day for 14,000 years safely! The bumps started to feel less catastrophic. I eased my grip on the armrest"


"A new iOS app that uses big data to help alleviate the fears of anxious travelers."

The Economist

"[The app] wants to reassure nervous flyers that they are all but guaranteed to reach their destination in one piece."


"One of the only sources providing such in-depth coverage of safety statistics in the aviation world."



"New app 'Am I Going Down?' uses aviation statistics to analyze the odds a flight will crash."

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

"We are in the era of apps, this is our future: 'Am I Going Down?', which uses international flight data to calculate the odds of ones flight crashing."

Daily Mail

"'Am I Going Down?' app uses real flight statistics to analyse flight safety."

The Telegraph

"Within the airline rankings, the app includes the number of years since an airline’s last fatal incident."

... and many more!

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Am I Going Down?